Live Action Parody of Steins;Gate: Layers;Gate [Video + Images]

TMA(Total Media Agency) will release a live action parody AV of Steins;Gate on the 25th, “Layer’s Gate”. TMA is known for creating other live action versions of anime for their AV productions.

Original Opening + Live Action Parody Comparison

Images with scenes from Layers Gate

*Please note Layer’s Gate is an adult video and should not be purchased or viewed by minors. is not trying to advertise pornography. We are only mentioning Layers Gate for entertainment & archival purposes.

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7 thoughts on “Live Action Parody of Steins;Gate: Layers;Gate [Video + Images]

  1. LOL oh geez What is this I dont even…
    These people are the same who did the Oriemo parody AV huh?
    Well Mayuri looks good here but they need a better okarin!

  2. I can understand them slimming down Daru, but damn. Their Okarin looks twice the actual Okarin’s age, poor Feyris-tan’s 3D version looks frumpy and their Moeka is way too short! So much fail, OMG! D:

    Mayushii looks nice though. \\(^o^)//

  3. I think I’m going to dip my head in a bucket of HCl to cleanse my eyes lolz
    I heard that the AV got taken down from shelves though (SCORE)

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