Steins;Gate Walkthrough (All Endings, 100% CG & Achievements)

100% CG & Achievements Walkthrough

  • The actions marked important must be executed to trigger the flags that activate the respective routes.
  • Actions that are not marked important don’t need to be followed, but messages received afterwards might differ from the messages written in the charts.
  • A few bugs have been found where you may not be able to select the required choices. If you run into these bugs try restarting from the last save point. The bugs only effect getting achievements. Each ending can be reached even if the bugs are ignored.
  • This walkthrough was made based on the beta version of the english patch.
  • You can skip to the true end without having to go through the entire walkthrough. Follow the “shared route” chart up to SAVE 1, then follow the Kurisu ending chart.
  • To see all endings follow the routes in order (Shared route->Suzuha->Feiris->Ruka->Mayuri->Kurisu->True End)

Shared Route

Shared RouteTitleActionImportantSave
Chapter 1Make a call to phone microwaveTransmit call
Phone Range Timer SettingsEnter the wrong number 10 timesYes
Mayuri: “Upa..”Choose: UpaYes
Mayuri: Don’t trade it for funds ><Choose: kakeru-kun (Open Attachment)Yes
Ruka: About what happended YesterdayChoose: excorcism (can’t select?)Yes
Call Daru-
Send Mail to Moeka-
Moeka’s mailRead it
Moeka: WaitingReply
Feiris: The deceisive battle is close at handChoose: Red Southern CrossYes
Feiris: So that was it after allOpen Attachment
Make phone call to phone microwave-
Mayuri: “It’s intersting”Open Attachment
Chapter 2Moeka’s mailRead it
Mayuri: ( ;__; )Choose: spending money
Feiris: Original Sin level rising to 180%Choose: Year 2000Yes
Ruka: I made sweetsChoose: familyYes
Moeka’s mailRead it
Suzuha: GreetingsChoose:Exchanging addresses
John Titor: "Are you being honest?" Read it
John Titor: "Where did you find that?"Read it
Feiris:Song of ProphecyOpen Attachment
Mail to MoekaSend it
Moeka’s mail #1Read it
Moeka’s mail #2Read it
Call from MayuriAnswer itYes
Suzuha: ActuallyChoose: captivated me by first sight
Ruka: About my familyChoose: Older sisterYes
Call from KurisuAnswer itYes
Suzuha: You’re Evil?-
Moeka’s mailRead it
Moeka’s mailReply
Moeka’s mailRead it
Moeka’s mailRead it
Ruka:About my older sisterChoose: thisYes
Ruka:Re:About my older sister-
Chapter 3***SAVE A***Create save pointYesSAVE A
Feiris: PHANTASM is the best nya!Choose: theme songYes
Suzuha:HungryChoose:insects or weeds
Take out the cellphone
Ruka:Choose:GeroFrogs (Bug can’t select gero frogs)Yes
Moeka’s mailsDo not read her mails (for this entire chapter)Yes
Loto 6 MailDo not check the loto 6 mail
Feiris: Rainet Second Season OpChoose:RaiNet kakeru
Feiris: rainet Episode 13Open Attachment
Mail to Titordo not send
Phone call from DaruAnswer it
Mayuri: Maid HistoryChoose: 3 month
Titor:Details please-
Mayuri: It’s not half baked-
Titor: Future 2Do not read her mails (for this entire chapter)
Chapter 4Mayuri: Speaking about lotteriesChoose: MagazineYes
Ruka: About RainetChoose: Romance movie (Open attachment)
***SAVE 1***Create save pointYesSAVE 1
Kurisu(Assistant): Did you write it?Choose: the reportYes
Suzuha: AkihabaraChoose: peacefulYes
Moeka’s mailRead it
Suzuha: Now, on TVChoose: straight arm barYes
Feiris: Sign of increasing catastropheChoose: HeYes
Mayuri: Going out?Choose:Garigari-kunYes
Feiris: About abilitiesChoose:Chinchilla Star (Bug can’t select?)Yes
Mail to Moekasend it
Phone call to Rukacall her
Kurisu: Can I ask for something?Choose:Cup NoodlesYes
Kurisu mailRead her mail -> Choose: hakodate Number 1Yes
Ruka mail-
Mail Threat-
Mayuri: About RukaChoose:RainetYes
Suzuha: EUREKA-
Mayuri: Kakeru-kunOpen Attachment
Feiris: Re:Re: Episode 8Choose: Episode 8Yes
Feiris: About Episode 8Open Attachment
Suzuha: Sorry-
Chapter 5Phone call from FeirisDo not answerYes
Suzuha: MyselfChoose: false self
***SAVE B***Create save pointSAVE B
Mayuri: What made me happyChoose: Fubuki & KaedaYes
MayuriOpen attachment
Feiris: ComicMarketChoose:collapsingYes
Threat Mail 2-
Ruka: About Summer plansChoose: Mayuri
Feiris:Re:ComicMarketOpen Attachment
Ruka:About Mayuri-
Suzuha: Re:re:Myself-
Chapter 6Phone call to MayuriCall Mayuri
Call Mayuri or RukaCall RukaYes
Phone call to Suzuha-
Call Laboratory membersCall Mayuri
Titor: Thankyou-
***SAVE 2***Create save pointSAVE 2

Suzuha Ending
Suzuha EndTitleActionImportantSave
Chapter 6From SAVE 2Load SAVE 2Yes
Send d-mail to phone microwave?Do not send d-mailYes

Feiris Ending
Feiris EndTitleActionImportantSave
Chapter 6From SAVE 2Load SAVE 2Yes
Send d-mail to phone microwave?Send d-mailYes
Chapter 7Mayuri: Where are you going?Choose: Date
Phone call to FeirisPhone her
Phone call to DaruPhone him
Phone call to FeirisPhone her
Mayuri: Today’s WorryChoose: Granny
Mayuri: Lap pillow-
Phone call from DaruAnswer it
Phone call from KurisuDo not answer
***SAVE 3***Create save pointYesSAVE 3
Send d-mail to phone microwave?Do not send d-mailYes

Ruka Ending
Ruka endTitleActionImportantSave
Chapter 7From SAVE 3Load SAVE 3Yes
Send d-mail to phone microwave?send d-mailYes
Chapter 8Mayuri: They had a fightChoose: person I like
Mayuri: Re:Re: They had a fight-
Make phone call to phone microwave?Do not transmit call
Mayuri: you know?-
Mail from Kurisu-
***SAVE 4***create save pointYesSAVE 4
Send d-mail to phone microwave?do not send d-mailYes

Mayuri Ending
Mayuri endTitleActionImportantSave
Chapter 8From SAVE 4Load SAVE 4Yes
Send d-mail to phone microwave?Send d-mailYes
Chapter 9Mayuri: I’m off-
Kurisu: I’m going-
Kurisu: Amazing people everywhere
Make phone call to phone microwave?Do not transmit call
Phone call from KurisuAnswer it
Mayuri: Are you coming back?Choose: coming back
Phone call from KurisuDo not answer
Mayuri: OrionChoose: same time
Send d-mail to phone microwave?Do not send d-mailYes
Mayuri: Won’t meet-
Chapter 10Phone call from MayuriAnswer it
Kurisu: See you

Kurisu Ending
Kurisu endTitleActionImportantSave
Chapter 4From SAVE 1Load SAVE 1Yes
Kurisu: Did you write it?Choose: ScientistYes
Kurisu: Scientist?Choose: Bad ScientistYes
Kurisu: Bad ScientistChoose: Corny grampa jokeYes
Suzuha:About AkihabaraDon’t reply
Moeka’s mailread it
Feiris: sign of increasing catastropheChoose: He
Mayuri: Going out?Don’t reply
Feiris: About abilitiesChoose: NyannyanianYes
Mail to Moekasend it
Phone call to Rukacall her
Kurisu: Home AloneChoose: outsiderYes
Kurisu: ehhh?Choose: disgraceYes
Kurisu: Staring at my handChoose: Why am I still hereYes
Ruka:That game was fun
Kurisu: Being hereOpen the mailYes
Threat Mail
Feiris: I don’t like drinking hot drinksOpen the mailYes
Chapter 5Phone call from FeirisAnswer it
Suzuha: MyselfDon’t reply
Kurisu: PlansChoose: Traveling ExpensesYes
Kurisu: Idiot!Open the mailYes
Kurisu: (´ ・ω・`)Open the mailYes
Feiris: Comic MarketDon’t reply
Threat Mail
Ruka: About summer plansDon’t reply
Chapter 6Calling MayuriDo not call Mayuri
Call Ruka or MayuriCall RukaYes
Call SuzuhaCall her
Choose a laboratory member to callCall Kurisu
Send d-mail to phone microwave?send d-mailYes
Chapter 7***SAVE C***create save pointYesSAVE C
Kurisu: The keyChoose: I don’t have a keyYes
***SAVE D***create save pointYesSAVE D
Kurisu: ( ゚ Д ゚ )Choose: SecurityYes
Phone call to FeirisCall her
Phone call to DaruCall him
Phone call to FeirisCall her
Kurisu: it’s a delusionChoose: realityYes
Kurisu: RealityOpen the mailYes
Phone call from DaruAnswer it
Phone call from KurisuAnswer it
Send d-mail to phone microwave?Send d-mailYes
Chapter 8Kurisu: Explain yourselfChoose:what was that about?Yes
Kurisu: Like theres such a thingOpen the mailYes
Make phone call to phone microwave?transmit call
Kurisu: unpopular girl-
Send d-mail to phone microwave?Send d-mailYes
Chapter 9Mayuri: I’m off
Kurisu: I’m going
Kurisu: Amazing people everywhere
Make phone call to phone microwave?transmit call
Phone call from KurisuAnswer it
Kurisu: Contact me, idiot!Choose: anxiousYes
Kurisu: Re:Re:Contact Me, idiot!Open the mailYes
Send d-mail to phone microwave?send d-mailYes
***SAVE 5***create save pointYesSAVE 5
Kurisu: where are you?Do not replyYes
Phone call from MayuriAnswer it

True Ending
True EndTitleActionImportantSave
Chapter 10From SAVE 5Load SAVE 5yes
Kurisu: Where are you?Choose: whereaboutsyes
Receive phone call during credits

Leftovers (Achievements, & CG)[Due to several bugs this section will be added later when the complete patch is released]


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149 thoughts on “Steins;Gate Walkthrough (All Endings, 100% CG & Achievements)

  1. I’ve come to a bit of a snag. Two of the important marked texts never arrived. Kurisu Ending, Chapter 9, after “Phone call from Kurisu – Answer it”. I don’t get the two texts, but I do get the d-mail option later.
    Could it be that because in Chapter 6, I never got the option NOT to call Mayuri? The first Important marked line in Chapter 6 for Kurisu. I also never seem to get “Call Suzuha” or “Call Lab Member”. Any help plz?

    • About what I said above, could that possibly be because of something I’ve heard? I heard that at some points you have to NOT USE PHONE in front of Kurisu. Does that have any effect? The provided chart is useful but gets kinda confusing at points. Especially when I don’t see that option appear.

      • In Chapter 8 it seems these 2 should be marked as important
        Kurisu: Explain yourself Choose:what was that about?
        Kurisu: Like theres such a thing Open the mail (You need to open the mail)

        Chapter 6 “Calling Mayuri Do not call Mayuri” is not important

        It seems that to get the two mails after you get a call from Kurisu, you need to unlock the achievement Melancholy of the Genius Girl (天才少女のメロンコリィー] which is done by following the Chapter 4 section of the Kurisu Ending Chart.

        I just went over a source referencing the official strategy guide , and all the points seem to be correct in the charts to get to the Kurisu and True Ending.

        *I can also confirm that opening mails in front of Kurisu while at the lab or the Radio hall doesn’t effect anything.

        • For me… in kurisu’s route, I didn’t get to choose between calling rukako or mayuri in chapter 6, though in the guide says I’m suppose to ruka, but rintarou automatically call mayuri

        • Long time since I responded, been busy =P.

          Been playing it again, straight from the beginning, got to Chapter 4 but I haven’t gotten the Achievement, even after following the chart exactly on the Kurisu Ending. I can’t read Kanji too well but I can tell that I don’t already have it. I can at least match the amount of Characters with Romaji syllables =P

          Could it be because I’ve updated by version of Steins;Gate to 1.2? Took a while and some hassle, but I applied the english patch to it.

          El Psy Congroo.

    • I also had the same problem b4 too… to overcome it… just “click the message/dialog/monologue” a little further from the time you got that mail then try to open it again…

  2. I’m just wondering, do I need to finish up Mayuri’s route in order to unlock Kurisu’s route? Because I get the feeling that if I do Mayuri’s route last then I’ll wrap it up like its supposed to (because from what i can see Kurisu’s route only spans to Chapter 9, whilst Mayuri’s goes up to Chapter 10, so it seems more endgame to me, could be wrong tho). Thanks. Great job on the walkthrough, you have my gratitude.

  3. Rather silly from me not to even read the basic instructions. I understood that you can, so that’s how I’ll probably do it. Just simultaneously end both routes for maximum effect. Again, great job on the walkthrough and I’d be happy if you pick up different VNs .

  4. Have anyone finished true end? My game crashes just before end. I won’t tell spoilers but it’s just when Okabe turns around. I just think about am i only one with this problem.

  5. Just finished getting 100% completion. Just wanted to let tell y’all that you should play Mayuri’s ending, then Kurisu’s, THEN the true end. That’s the order it goes in, anything outside of this order will spoil aspects of the story. Full order is start at the top of the walk through and work your way down without jumping around.
    Shared>Suzuha>Feiris>Rukako>Mayuri>Kurisu>TRUE END. With the story being the way it is, swapping places with Mayuri’s and Kurisu’s ending would seem pretty strange.
    Thanks a ton for the walk through admin, very helpful stuff.

  6. damn is anyone else having a missing message problem? some messages that are supposed to appear don’t appear for example : Feiris: Re:Re: Episode 8 in chapter 4 and the following message . and i’m also getting random messages not listed there like a message from daru:lolwutt which is about the satellite disappearing and a similar message from mayuri after suzuha’s sorry message. anyone know how to fix this?

  7. Can anybody upload a savegame just before the True End begins? I’ve watched all endings except this one but I don’t feel like restarting the game over again to activate the flags I forgot.

    • No luck, still crashes.
      These files appear to be the correct ones for my version (1.1, jpn), so maybe I could try reinstalling the game to see what happens.

      But thanks anyway!

      • Somehow I managed to overcome game crash by copying only the savegame I needed into the savegame folder when the game was running, and by overwriting an old one.

        It took a while to figure this out, but now I’m satisfied.
        Thanks again! ^ ^

  8. I have a problem. My game crashes in Chapter 1 right after Rintarou, Daru, and Kurisu are looking at Daru’s phone about the text. Right after Kurisu looks over Daru’s shoulders, the game suddenly closes with no error. Does anybody know how to fix this?

  9. Sorry to trouble you again supah haka. I got past the Chapter 1 crash thanks to you and the game worked flawlessly for the next few chapters. At the beginning of Chapter 5 though (the scene with Okabe in the barren, Mars-like landscape), the game crashes in the same way as described before.

    I’ve searched multiple sites but it doesn’t seem like anyone else has this problem. I would greatly appreciate it if I could get a save from directly after that scene.

    Alternatively, if someone knows what the problem is or the solution, that would be great too. Thanks.

    • Nevermind, I figured out a “solution” (It’s pretty roundabout). I changed the nsb file of that scene using sgtools and nipa2.exe and deleted the area where the crash occurred. I may have lost a small bit of text in the process but I don’t have to deal with crashes anymore.

  10. Ive got an ending….its about okabe going thru a time loop and finally suzuha amane realises it and offered him to go with her to 1975 to rethrieve the ibn5100….what ending is this?????

        • Even though you didn’t get the important part, if you didn’t send the D-Mail in each Chapter…

          you would end in one of the heroine route..

          i able to put my way without worry of important part, only up to mayuri’s Route, and stuck there..

          cannot go to kurisu’s route…

          el psy congroo

  11. Hi there! firstly, thanks for the awesome walkthrough, and what an awesome visual novel that was!
    i just want to ask one thing. i still have 2 cgs missing, which are 1st and 3rd ones counting from the back. any ideas what are those and what should i do to get them? thanks a lot in advance, everyone!

    • regarding the last cg, after you’ve completed the game, you have to load any save file and then check your mails, and the one at the very bottom(there should be a mail from the Microwave Ophone(Temp.)) has 2 images attached that are the last CG.

      Besides that, the 3rd one from the back, you should just get it from playing normally on Chapter 9(it´s the one where Yuugo´s pointing at himself with his gun)

      • Back with sad news :I

        Apparently what I said in my previous comment worked only in my ios version, not in my PC one ._. so I guess you just can’t get the last CG due to some bug that never got fixed…

  12. Hi!

    I just realized, that there isn’t Moeka’s route. I mean, there’s no Moeka ending even though the anime included something like that in episode 19-20? Or is it in Kurisu’s route?

  13. I can’t choose “send” when sending the d-mail at chapter 6. It automatically chooses “save”. >_< I'm stuck at Suzuha Ending. Can someone please help? I already tried to repeat the game twice following the guide. But it still chooses save.

  14. After the part where you “save” the d-mail, an icon will appear after each sentence in the text box. Just bring out your phone and call the phone microwave. That’s it :)

  15. Have anyone finished true end? My game crashes just before end. I won’t tell spoilers but it’s just when Okabe turns around. I just think about am i only one with this problem.

    I have this patch:

    I got pictures of the error:
    Image 0001:
    Image 0002:

    Could anyone make a save after Kurisu turns her head towards Okabe?

    My English is bad…

    • it’s a common error, but don’t worry, they say 2 or 3 lines (the exact same lines of the anime) and the game ends, you are not missing anything

  16. First of all .. I have to say I’m confused. Just played through the game in one sitting, and at first I did not pay heed to the mail options because I thought that was irrelevant. So apparently that’s how you decide your route on this game. I have to say that this puzzles me .. The approach is interesting, but the mail contents most of the time are REALLY irrelevant to the route they belong to so I have no idea how I ended up on Suzuha’s route when I hardly exchanged any emails with her.

    Secondly, is this a bug in my game or can you really not go back after selecting a keyword from the mails? I found it stupid that if I clicked on keyword to view what kind of reply I would sent, I could no longer go back and choose another keyword.

    And finally : MY GAME IS BROKEN. I can NOT load any game, be it QUICK or normal save. I saved about 20 times throughout the sitting, and now when loading any of these saves, the game crashes with windows error. Game is patched to 1.2 and has the english beta patch.

    Any help with these three problems, especially the last one? I don’t really want to start another playthrough if I can’t close my computer for the day but instead have to keep the game minimized at all times I don’t want to play :x

    • 1 what is important for suzuha’s route is NOT using your phone and sending a D-Mail “cancel pursuit, last message SERN’s trap” (to send it just press “P” on your keyboard and click on the phone screen when the discharge phenomenon occurs)
      2 i have the same bug – not sure what causes it
      3 it’s a rare bug found in some modern visual novel engines – if your windows user account contained non-latin letters (eg. ż,ź.ę,ą…) when it was created then you won’t be able to play the game on this account, for the game to play properly just create a new user account that only has latin letters in it (for example: TEST)

  17. I tried to follow this walkthrough, once chapter 6 i din’t get any new phone options, and also there were several phone messages i couldn’t do cause the game is fuckin bugged.

    I automatically got Suhaza’s ending without doing anything in chapter 6, and when i try to reload to see the other endings it always sends me backs to suhuza’s ending… urgg i’m desperate. Is this game broken or am i doing something wrong.

    I really love the story of this game, how they incorperated “John Titor & SERN” and all, but the game is a fuckin mess, crashes when saving/loading/doing nothing and 30% phone messages are “possibily bugged”. I noticed then i want to skip text and notice i got a mail, the option to choose a reply doesn’t show up anymore, you litterly have to pick up the phone right away otherwise it doesn’t work anymore..

  18. Can someone plz upload a SAVE2 savefile, i never get the option to call anyone and i always get suzuha’s ending wtf.

    Plz i want to do the other routes and i always get suzuhas ending aarg

  19. Ok sorry for my previous posts admin, this walkthrough does work “flawlessly”, i just had to reload sometimes to avoid bugs and such. I just finished all routes, Kurisu’s ending and the true ending.


    I’m so happy that in the end, after all the time leaping/time travelling, Okabe & Kurisu finally reunite again and kurisu “recognizes” okabe. Just hoped they kissed or something in the end, but hey all and all it was a very good ending, and a lot of VN’s end with this kinda open ending. The true ending hints that they will get back together and finally can become a real couple.

    One of my favourite VN’s story wise next to G senjou no Mao, Fate/Stay night & Ever 17.

    • Heya. You said you got through it. I’m using Ver 1.20 with Eng Patch and I just can’t unlock “Melancholy of the Genius Girl (天才少女のメロンコリィー]” by following the Chapter 4 of Kurisu’s Route. It doesn’t give me the achievement and I think in some places it never gave me the important ones. Any ideas? Been a while since I last played it, got annoyed going through it over and over

      • It seems you are having the same issue as me. I went through all of chapter 4 and stuff, too. But… at the beginning of the game, did you get the achievement from inputting the number wrong 10 times? You’re supposed to get「 ホームラン級の不器用さ」, but I don’t see it on my list of achievements… and the walkthrough says that doing this is “important,” so… I’m convinced that might be the problem.

  20. Something kind of random, but the El Psy Congroo thing Okabe does, is that taken from a source somewhere? I was thinking possibly El Psy Kongroo instead since the future Okabe email address is sg-epk@ which I thought was Steins;Gate-El Psy Kongroo or whatever. That is to say, is EPC an official spelling, or was it something that people just started using in the translations because someone spelled it that way and people accepted that?

  21. um , what happens when you don’t follow the requirements for the shared route ending ? Like in chapter one , If you don’t do some of the “important” things , what would happens ? :)

    btw I’ve some question .. I can’t reply moeka:waiting email in chapter 1 .. I opened it when the opportunity presents(at the maid cafe) , but I can’t seems to reply it . Okarin just said some monolouge . and I’ve tried ignoring it too and opening it in okarin’s lab .. but I can’t reply it too (he also doesn’t do his monolouge)

  22. A couple of things I noticed in chapter 3:

    I was able to select Gero Frogs and got a reply with an attachment (a picture of the frog)
    I was unable to NOT read the loto 6 mail, because it’s automated.
    There was no option to not send the mail to Titor, it’s automated again.
    Mayuri calls after the phone call from Daru. This isn’t mentioned, what are the consequences of not picking it up?

  23. Hello, sorry for the sudden question. But at Chapter 4, when going through Kurisu’s route, when i get the mail “Staring at my Hand”, i’m supposed to make a choice, yet there are no options for me to choose from. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    • I had the same problem but on the second time around I didn’t. I was able to just use skip text (ctrl) and then it would stop whenever the calls were available.

  24. How do you unlock the party CG? I followed this guide as closely as the game would allow and in neither route did it unlock.

    • sorry for the late reply, buy I actually found out how to just today. After you’ve completed the game, you have to load any save file and then check your mails, and the one at the very bottom(there should be a mail from the Microwave Ophone(Temp.)) has 2 images attached that are the last CG.

      • Apparently what I said in my previous comment worked only in my ios version, not in my PC one ._. so I guess you just can’t get the last CG due to some bug that never got fixed…

  25. trying to get 100%, but seem to not be able to get the froggy fad demise achievement, please help.

    in the Leftovers section you write
    [Due to several bugs this section will be added later when the complete patch is released]
    so i went to the Source and (by google translating) managed to get everything except for the ‘SAVE C’ section. replied to kurisu’s “The key (ノД`)” mail with “house” but her next mail just didnt come for the whole chapter so i gave up.

    am i doing something wrong?
    or is this one of those bugs you were talking about? if so is it due to the translation patch?
    is this even where i get the rest of the frog wallpapers? if not, where? (currently have Gero Froggy, Cat Gero Froggy, Cow Gero Froggy and Fatty Gero Froggy)

    using 1.20 + eng patch

  26. In the beggining of chapter 4 when Kurisu leaves the lab and Okabe has to write the report, black screen shows up. After it new day should start, but the black screen just stays there and nothing happens… tried going through there again but never can pass it…help please.

  27. Can someone please help? I’m running it on Windows 7 32 bits, with the locale set to japanese, but in chapter 2 I just can’t open some of the mails, because when I click to reply them, the screen freezes, and the only thing I can do is ESC/ ALT+F4. I use the Geckoey’s english patch ver. 1.30 with the fix.

      • I use the same patch and my game is still running fine, going through the game twice since the first attempt without walkthrough end in mayuri’s route ‘infinite’ loop.. (finished the other heroine route)

        now in 2nd playthrough.. going for kurisu’s and true end route, using walkthrough.. from the scratch..

        no problem with the mail, game…
        only the game do slowed up when the screen goes darken.. (like when okabe tries to think by himself, reading suzuha’s letter, etc)

  28. having same problem here, using game 1.2 + eng patch, did someone find a solution? i’m just missing the last gero frog to complete everything…

  29. Did I screw the game if I replied to ‘Gero Frog’ instead of ‘Upa’ at the very first Mayushi text message?

    It is marked as important, so am I out of any ending because of that answer?

    Also, how do I save? I just met Mr. Braun and don’t know how to save.. I’m playing the iOS version with English Patch.

  30. i’m having this problem :
    trying to get 100%, but seem to not be able to get the froggy fad demise achievement, please help.

    in the Leftovers section you write
    [Due to several bugs this section will be added later when the complete patch is released]
    so i went to the Source and (by google translating) managed to get everything except for the ‘SAVE C’ section. replied to kurisu’s “The key (ノД`)” mail with “house” but her next mail just didnt come for the whole chapter so i gave up.

    am i doing something wrong?
    or is this one of those bugs you were talking about? if so is it due to the translation patch?
    is this even where i get the rest of the frog wallpapers? if not, where? (currently have Gero Froggy, Cat Gero Froggy, Cow Gero Froggy and Fatty Gero Froggy)

    using 1.20 + eng patch

    i copied it from an user who wrote it up…there is a fix for that? is the only achievement that i’m missing…completing this will grant me the last achievements…help please!

    • I have the same problem here. does anyone know how to fix it? or someone who has 100% please tell me what to do? thanks.

    • I have the same issue as these two people. This is the ONLY thing I’m missing for 100% completion T_T I’d love some help with this one.

      • Ok, I’ve just confirmed that even with a fresh install on different computer, I can’t get that mail. I followed the ‘Shared Route’ instructions to ‘Save 1′, then I followed the Kurisu Route/True Ending instructions until ‘Save C’, and finally followed the instructions for that particular achievement but I don’t get that ‘house’ message which kills my chances for getting any of the rest. *sigh* darn bugs >_<

  31. Has anyone figured out how to get the necrosis metaphysics / chapter 6 achievement? Elsewhere it seems to say something about sending a text after not calling Mayuri but I can’t read/translate when that message needs to be sent and it doesn’t seem to ever indicate it or come up in an obvious way.

    [From Save No. 3]
    Do not make a call when it says 『成功したのか?』
    (When it says 『あとはメールを送るだけ』) Press X to open the phone and press A to send the message.
    {Achievement Unlocked: 形而上のネクローシス}

  32. Ok, is anyone aware of requirements for getting the key e-mail at the beginning of chapter 7? I have Melancholy of Genius Girl Achievement and the 10x fail on beginning of the game achievement.

  33. Game crashes in chapter 1 where Okabe meets Kurisu again after thinking she died ; ; anybody know how to fix this?

  34. jesus fuck why si getting the kris true ending so fucking annoying, fucking cell phone system i have had to play the first chapters like 1000 times already, some calls and mails wont happen randomly and i cant autoskip untill the next one.

  35. It should be noted that “Kurisu: where are you?” (Kurisu End) is CHAPTER 10 — it is NOT CHAPTER 9 and had me confused thinking I missed something until I looked at the True End and noticed it started at chapter 10 and had the same choice.

    • Can somebody help me please,i’m using version 1.20, when i get to the chapter 10 and got kurisu’s message “Kurisu: Where are you?”, i tried to reply the mail, but the game just freeze (the only thing i can do is quit the game)

  36. Can somebody help me, i’m at chapter 10 (going for the true end), when i tried to reply kurisu’s mail (where are you?), the screen freezes, the only thing i can do is alt + f4.
    I’m using version 1.20 with english patch

    • Where did you get the game? I’m using the one from bitgamer (IIRC) along with the most recent english patch from — they’ve worked perfectly for me with no problems at all.

  37. Also, in True End, it should also be noted that you still receive Mayuri’s call. The one during the credits is a different call.

  38. Can someone help? For some reason I’m not able to reply to any texts. Clicking on key words just sends me back to my inbox.

  39. Is it just me, or is Ruka’s first text impossible to reply to? They even left a small note “Choose: excorcism (can’t select?)” mentioning the possible bug but lists no solutions and no matter how many times I reload or restart the game I can’t choose it. It’s also listed as an “important” decision but does anyone know if it’s actually vital to the plot or just for an achievement?

  40. 1.20 Version English patched. The game crashes right before Okabe and Kurisu turn around in the true end. Can anybody upload a working save file for the true end? The files uploaded on Megaupload in the previous posts are now bunked.

    • Never mind. It seems the ending bug occurs on certain systems. I tried the same ending scene on another laptop (Windows 7 32-bit) with the same save files I copied off from my Vista 64 laptop where the crash occurred and the crash did not happen.

      • Arghh…
        Having the exact same problem. Is there any way to avert this, or is it doomed that Okabe and Kurisu will never meet again? I feel absolutely trolled.

  41. Great guide, but PLEASE, “Kurisu” ending is the same as “True” ending, exept you wont recieve the phone call during credits and thus you wont be able to proceed further in the story!
    Sooo, just reply to Kurisu’s text message “whereabouts” and thus save some emotional trauma by not watching the same dramatic events twice (yes, I know about the rewind button, but still…)

  42. OK I already completed 5 routes, Suzuha, Feinris, Ruka, Mayuri and Kurisu. But the problem is I can’t access to True End.. I followed Kurisu route though but on chapter 10, I can’t get an e-mail “Kurisu: Where are you?”…

    Any alternative Ideas? or I just miss something else…
    thanks for relpy…

  43. Do I REALLY have to start ALL the game again to get the last 2 endings? Or just from chapter 4?

    Sorry about my bad english.

  44. I believe in the Kurisu/True endings answering Kirisu’s call while in the flour storehouse with Faris is actually important, I didn’t get any of Kirisu’s mails in the next chapter after not doing that.

  45. i have problems reaching the true end. i get the required mail but i can’t reply to kurisu about my whereabouts. there are no replying options! anyone else got this problem?

  46. I have acquired all endings from Suzuha’s up to Mayuri’ gunning for Kurisu’s and the True Ending….unlike every other ending where a simple “to leap or not to leap” question determined the outcome, In this circumstance I got no such choice…….please someone tell me that I don’t have to replay practically the entire game to get Kurisu’s flag

  47. Can anyone please upload SAVE 1? I got Suzuha, Ruka, Feris and Mayuri endings on my first playthrough, without the walkthrough, but I don’t want to skip everything from the beginning to unlock Kurisu and True Ending.

  48. In chapter 3 if you choose not to open any of Moeka’s mail you become unable to reply to Mayuri’s mail for 3months working the maid cafe.

    I don’t know why but i’m unable to reply. The game just freezes. The only way I can chose that option is respond to Moeka’s mail in chapter 3 when she is visiting the lab for the first time.

  49. wi have a question , for example if i wanted to follow the shared route do i have to start from chapter 1 making all what it tells me? or can i just go to the chapter i want and start doing the doing they say from there?

  50. I have completed every route in the game, including the true route with the 1.2 english version of steins;gate. I regret to inform the creators of this guide, despite their well to do intentions on making it, that the information within is FALSE. Using this guide 1:1 you will fail to acquire the true ending of the game.

    A guide linked in these comments is an appropriate one, and I would like to relink it here as well:

    For those who lack the patience to skip through the game selecting/ignoring cell phone texts I am providing save files for my version of the game (1.200) as it works with my english edition. I do not know if it will work for anyone else. This is merely goodwill on my behalf.

    In order to properly use this file, you must paste it in your steins;gate save folder which is located in (again, on my computer which has windows vista): \Users\________\AppData\Roaming\Nitroplus\STEINS;GATE

    Please note that appdata may be a hidden file on your computer, and that you may need to enable view hidden files to see it.

    The save file that will lead DIRECTLY into the kurisu/true ending upon replying to Kurisu’s text. You need to load save number 36 (on the fifth page I think). It is recommended to read Mayuri’s route, as you should recognize this event in Mayuri’s route (because everything beforehand is exactly the same between Mayuri’s route and Kurisu’s route).

    Upon ignoring Kurisu’s text it leads into the Kurisu ending (although this is actually pointless to do imo, as the true ending simply continues from the kurisu route).

    For those that did skip entirely kurisu’s choices, the only plot differences that are important I will note:

    *****Kind of spoilers*****

    Kurisu shows both greater compassion and concern in texts that aren’t normally sent in the game if you choose other routes. She also is notably jealous and flustered when Okabe gets involved with other women. The most important event are 2 conversations she has with you discussing her relationship with her father. Her father is incredibly arrogant and prideful, feeling incredible inferiority when his daughter is more lauded in the scientific community than he is. Because of this he dropped contact with her since she left for America seven years before the events of steins gate. Okabe promises to help her get over the anxiety she feels with her father and compromises with her, saying he will come with Kurisu when she goes to meet him. This event never occurs in the game though, but was a promise they held regardless and made Kurisu develop feelings for Okabe. The most differences occur after save 36, where the ending tangents from Mayuri’s (you should notice the differences).

    *********spoiler end*****************

    Don’t know how many of you stuck with me, or how useful this comment will be for people in the future who wish to play steins;gate, as its popularity has greatly dwindled. I just wanted to give people these opportunities, as I myself wanted a way out and found no shortcuts. Enjoy the finale of steins gate.

    • Was stuck yesterday since none of Kurisu’s texts were getting to me from chapter 8 onwards. Followed the link in this post and I can confirm that they all showed up fine now. Yay, true end!

    • When I load up chapter seven, as soon as Kyouma asks Kurisu “Are you by any chance, worried for me?” It crashes. Tried with two different saves.

    • Thank you very much for uploading your saved games.
      The game crashes in saved game 36. However, for those who want to see the True Ending you can also start from saved game 38, which is not far from 36 story-wise. I haven’t tried it all the way to the end, so I recommend switching to saved game 40 at date 8/21 when you read: “Three days passed since then and [...].” (removed spoiler in brackets)
      I can confirm that saved game goes all the way to the True Ending.

  51. i’d like to ask, i got stuck on the chapter 8 kurisu’s route, i feel like i following this walkthrough from start faithfully but i don’t get kurisu’s mail at the start of the chapter 8, instead i get phone trigger to call a microwave phone, and if i ignore it, daru call will be the next trigger, after that i didn’t get any trigger for the rest of chapter 8.

    can somebody help me? i obviously stuck because kurisu mail was marked as important.

    • It’s irrelevant now since it’s quite likely that you have completed the game by now, but I posted a solution to your issue right above your head.

      How amusing these things turn out to be.

  52. Help me, please! When I open Mayuri’s mail that refered to Fubuki-chan in chapter 5. Screen freeze and I can’t do anything except press esc button to exit the game

  53. Is there any way to fix the crash in the TRUE END….
    Plzzz guyz help me….
    This is when Okabe meets Kurisu again…
    The moment whem they turn around…..
    I can’t finish the game…………..

  54. How to get CG100%?? I don’t know how but if anyone knows please show any method possible, thanks you!.

    PD: I love Achievements.

  55. Does this walkthrough include the DLC? Because I heard that when the DLC is installed (For the xbox) it adds additional dialogue.

  56. I just want to comment on the shared route. (Contains spoilers that mods should fix)
    Chapter 2 number 6 is a huge spoiler!
    Even though it really shouldn’t be since anybody with half a brain should have guessed it.

    • Spoiler alert, too:

      I think it’s not related, because before Suzuha asked Okabe’s e-mail address, John Titor gave his address on the @channel to Okabe, which he used it immediately, so John Titor knew Okabe’s address before she asked about it.


    Wow, I didn’t expected that by not calling Mayuri’s phone, it’ll lead to a route, where there’s an 50 years old article with her in the wall. Or the cause is completely different? I mean, it’s quiet trivial that she wasn’t called this time (chapter 6). Or is it Okabe’s fault that he grows to Kurisu, so he carefreely leave behind Mayuri while escaping from Akiba? Anyway, when I was skipping the text and somehow I could’t use it anymore, I realized that something different. They showed that scene in the game’s opening and in the 13th episode (I think), but I really didn’t expectet that SERN will go so far to send Mayuri back in the future. I mean, she was “unnecessary”, didn’t she? Moreover, Moeka wanted to have a conversation after sending that picture…Ironic.

  58. That true end Glitch does`nt work,i did exactly as asked followed the shared route until SAVE 1 then floowed Kurisu`s route but on day 8 I did`nt get any messages on my Phone anymore thus leading to the Kurisu end.

  59. Translated from the source for the leftover’s (Achievement and CG) section

    View the transmission history in mobile operation
    Change the wallpaper in mobile operation
    Changing the ringtone in mobile operation

    «From the save A»
    PHANTASM “ニャ best ~ ♪ PHANTASM” Feirisu Chapter III
    “Is about the frog child” Luke I do not reply
    Moe Yu do not read e-mail
    Do not check email 6D Lotto
    Feirisu “vocal Pretty” Chaos
    Feirisu attachment] ["Re:: Re Pretty vocals" (track 2)

    «From the save B»
    Cosplay "I was glad that today," Mayuri Chapter V
    Open the mail "trigger" Mayuri

    «From the save C»
    Kurisu Chapter VII "key (ノ Д`) "house
    Hyahha "home" Kurisu
    Phone calls to Feirisu
    Phone calls to Dar
    Phone calls to Feirisu
    Truth "Gogogogogo" Kurisu (ry
    "The more heat burn!" Kurisu [attachment]

    «From the save D»
    Kurisu Chapter VII “(゚ Д ゚)” frog
    “Not change vomit” Kurisu [attachment]

    CG100% will be doing the all of the above, the display “Achievement of all has been released” from out of that, when you open the Achievement.

  60. Sorry to bother, but can anyone upload (for the english version 1.20) a save file for the beginning of chapter 7? I’ve tried for a week to use this walk through to send the dmail in chapter 6, but I always end up on Suzuha’s route. More annoying than being called Celeb Sev!!

    The problem is that there is a lot of room for error on this interface. Please help.

  61. Hey guys, I have a problem with the game.
    Every time I get to that part where Rintaro enters on @channel, the game stops. There is no where I can click that makes the game go on. Then I have to restart the game, and when I get to that part, it only goes one scene far, still in the @channel. It’s been bothering me, so I was expecting one of you could help me.

    • I’ve got a similar problem. In Chapter 1 (after meeting Faris for the first time), when I go on @channel, I can’t exit. Meaning I’m stuck forever reading:

      So, the universe is deep in Titor’s shit.

      Hououin Kyouma:
      Right, I think something like that was written in the book.
      But in the end, all you’ve posted is copypasta from the book.
      Not just Titor, but anyone could do that.

      John-tan’s so moe. Mai waifu
      I recognize different opinions

      • Okay, never mind. I just had to skip text, apparently. I’m sorry I don’t know how to fix your problem, though.

  62. I started playing the IOS version (after having finished the PC one) and I don’t seem to be getting Kurisu’s messages on chapter 8 :/

    I might have screwed up, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t… I hope I’m able to get Kurisu’s and the true endgins.

    I’ll try starting from 0.

    I’ll inform you if I find the problem or if I get the endings anyway \o/

    • hai~

      I’m back with an update on my problem… Sorry that it took me so long but I’ve been very busy lately…

      Turns out I must have derped somewhere, I started the vn from scratch again and was able to get both the Kurisu ending and the True ending ;3

      I still couldn’t get all the achievements, but that’s a minor thing in comparison =w=

  63. I near for the 100%, only 3 achievments missing, show all the CGs, one with ??????, and the last one Songs of Chaos. The achievment have written 4 songs but there is only 3, so how do i get this achievment after all?

  64. umm, how can i unlock the achievement about ‘get 4 chaos song or something’ and achievement that can be unlock when receive message from Mayuri about reason for making cosplay clothes? i have completed the game but those achievements can’t be unlock. thanks before. please help ><

  65. For me, the “it’s intersting” mail from Mayuri never appeared. Does anybody know why that happened to me, and how much significance it holds towards 100%?

  66. Okay, I’m playing the game’s Version 1.20 in English. The dialogues are spoken in Japanese though! I use Win XP and I’m having the same problem as some people here with the game’s Japanese Version 1.10.
    My Game crashes just before Kurisu turns around in the end. I came here for the solution but those save games are for the previous version and won’t work for me. Can someone with my version of the game give the save game? I’m desperate to finish the game…I don’t want to watch the ending somewhere else…I want to see it in the game…Please help!

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