Steins;Gate for the iPhone Released! Overview and Changes Made in the iPhone Version

Steins;gate was released on the App Store for the iPhone this month on the 25th (JST)

In this article we will be looking at the major differences the game has undergone from being ported from the Xbox360 version.

The opening theme is the same as the Xbox360 version “The Skyclad Observer”.  It seems the game was ported from the Xbox version and not the PSP, or PC version. The iPhone version does not include the Opening music  ”Space engineer” found in the PSP version.

The biggest change made to the game for the iPhone port is the phone trigger.

In the iPhone version, to activate your cellphone you hold the iPhone in the vertical position. You can even visit websites by choosing the browser function, this has never been done in any other version of Steins;gate.

The Tips menu has also been changed to match the iPhones interface and controls.

The version of the game includes the DLC’s for the xbox 360.

The Ending List menu resembles the menu found in the psp version.

It also uses gestures to control the menu and text in game.

 The game is currently only available through the Japan app Store, and is priced at 3000¥. The size of the app is over 1.5gigs.

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5 thoughts on “Steins;Gate for the iPhone Released! Overview and Changes Made in the iPhone Version

  1. Hello! I hope you will reply but it seems that my steins;gate doesn’t show the prologue, the opening or the divergence change… why is that? I have an Iphone 3G

    • VNshorai (I think that’s the name) is releasing an English patch by Christmas-Early 2012 for Steins;Gate. It should also work for the iPhone though!

  2. the english patch does that mean if i download the japanese one it will instantly play it in english if thats my default

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